Meet our App

Tilt is a bike share service that’s fun, easy to use and great for your health. Our bikes are in cities, corporate campuses and townships across India.

Just use the app, select your location and get registered!

Grab a bike!

We would hate for you to be disappointed. Know the availability of bikes and empty docks before riding to or from a Tilt station. What's more, the app maps out the quickest route for you to take. Follow the path and you'll be on a bike in no time!

Ready to ride?

All it takes is a tap. Scan the QR code on any dock to unlock a bike. Not carrying your phone? Use a Tilt smart card instead and the bike is yours. Unlocking a bike has never been simpler!

Level up!

See how far you've come since you started cycling on Day 1. Climb higher up the ladder for exclusive benefits. The more you ride, the more points you get!

Pre-book a bike

We make sure you get a bike when you need it. Pre-book a bike at any Tilt station to make sure it's waiting for you when you get there. Psst, your booking is valid for 10 minutes. Be there soon!

Take a break!

Need to stop mid-ride to run a quick errand or meet a friend? We've got you covered. Use the unlock code on the app to secure the bike and it'll stay put till you're done. Park responsibly so we don't end up in trouble — lawyers are scary!

Gotta burn 'em all!

Planning to Netflix and chill? Make sure you burn before you binge. Cycling is a great way to lose fat and stay in shape. Use the app to keep track of your rides and calories burnt. You can thank us later!